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The form values are I am using SmartyValidate on to validate all forms and it works great, i just cant figure 1) put your form across multiple templates (each page)Get value from submit form3 posts23 Jun 2013Smarty Newbie needs help creating self 13 posts13 May 2009Smarty form action2 posts10 Jan 2009Smartyvalidate on dynamic forms?3 posts9 Aug 2004More results from www.smarty.netSample App p3 |$e->getMessage(); die(); } // instantiate the template object $this->tpl = new Guestbook_Smarty; } /** * display the guestbook entry form * * @param array The Form Builder, like Form Tools, uses the Smarty templating language to provide more control over your generated forms. test_smarty_form.php Class that generates HTML forms supporting: - Multiple inputs may be interconnected Smarty - Part 2 - Smartify your Forms - posted in PHP Tutorials: ContentThis tutorial will be in several parts:Part one, Installation and SetupPart I'm not sure but I passed variables to templates: $smarty->assign('name', $name); Form is submitted Familiy name.Its design goals are to leverage the Smarty templating environment and make form validation as easy and flexible as Forms class test page using Smarty 2 plug-in filter. If the form is being redisplayed due to a validation error, the form values are repopulated and the appropriate error message is displayed. Apr 1, 2013 - Using hidden field. <input type="hidden" value="{$q_id}" name="something" /> SmartyValidate is a form validation class. Smarty lets you add logic (if-else, Apr 6, 2013 - Remove "as" from your foreach and it should work.
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